You can email Steve at

or even ring evenings or  weekends on 07899 751964

We had hoped that clicking on this would mystically take you into an email and that there’d be on-line registration for news by email and even feedback forms, but when we went back to SG International, who created this site for us, it turned out to be just Sean’s Grandad and the international part was that he’d taken our money and gone abroad with it. We did, however, get an email suggesting we talk to their database specialist, so we spent a couple of hours negotiating with him (Sean’s grandad’s mate Alf) in his office (the bar at The Sun), but after lengthy negotiations (3 pints of Doombar) he said that, on consideration, he didn’t feel able to take the task on at this stage (his exact words were “Nah, I can’t be bothered”).

However, if you’d like to send us an email simply saying “Yes please” and possibly your name, we’ll put you on our (e-)mailing list and keep you in touch with anything we have planned.

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