Tue 8th

Mar 2016


Jinski are Steve Wegrzynski and Dave Kennedy. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, they’re a pair of performers with a wealth of original songs that draw on acoustic roots and country music whilst remaining resolutely modern. Intricate, soulful, beautiful songs, foot-stomping, raucous, sing-along songs; music for the head and the heart.

Tue 5th

Apr 2016

Skyport Ade’s Pottingshed Band

Skyport Ade’s Pottingshed Band are young, rising stars of the international blues scene. Singer/songwriter Ade Tucker is the band leader, accompanying himself on the guitar  and mouth organ to such tearjerkers as “Back in Reading Again” or  classics like “Van Driving Bloke” while Stéphane Grappelli’s Pete Crowther’s violin soars into jazz dreams alongside. Sometimes they even have a percussionist! This group should go far. See them live at Bracknell Folk Club.


Tue 26th

Apr 2016

Jim McLean

Guaranteed to sing your socks off and an old favourite at the club, Jim has a fine repertoire of songs and a warmth of delivery that fills the club every time we book him. You can’t perform like that if you’re not enjoying it, so it can’t be just for the money. Should we charge him? You decide (we’ll ignore your decision anyway). Whatever you decide, don’t miss it!


Tue 17th

May 2016

Mean Mary

Mean Mary’s been around music for a while, there are pictures of her learning guitar at 4 and film of her performing with it on stage at 6. She’s been a bit of a nomad around the U.S.A., but currently lives in Tennessee and apart from being a novelist is a red hot singer/songwriter and banjo player and is no slouch when it comes to the fiddle. She’s on tour in the UK for a month and we’ve managed to book her. This will be one that you won’t want to miss!

Tue 31st

May 2016

Kyle Carey

Kyle’s another American performer, but of a very different stamp to Mean Mary, describing her style as “Gaelic American”. Having won a scholarship to study Gaelic and traditional fiddle styles on Cape Breton, she then spent a couple of years on Skye improving her pronunciation of the language she already knew and her grasp of Gaelic music. This doesn’t mean that the American influence is lost either, so we end up with what is on these shores at least, an unusual combination. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear her perform!

Tue 28th

Jun 2016

Said The Maiden

This trio from darkest Hertfordshire are deservedly storming the clubs and festivals and have recently been awarded the Bristol Folk festival’s Isambard Folk Award. They sing traditional and contemporary English, Irish and American songs both a capella and accompanying themselves with instruments including guitar, mandoliin, fiddle, accordion, flute, clarinet and whistles.

“I like anything these girls do, they mean it! Their harmonies are extraordinarry!” Dave Swarbrick

“A great act.” Clannad

“I think it’s brilliant!” Mike Harding

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