Tue 26th

Apr 2016

Jim McLean

Guaranteed to sing your socks off and an old favourite at the club, Jim has a fine repertoire of songs and a warmth of delivery that fills the club every time we book him. You can’t perform like that if you’re not enjoying it, so it can’t be just for the money. Should we charge him? You decide (we’ll ignore your decision anyway). Whatever you decide, don’t miss it!


Tue 17th

May 2016

Mean Mary

Mean Mary’s been around music for a while, there are pictures of her learning guitar at 4 and film of her performing with it on stage at 6. She’s been a bit of a nomad around the U.S.A., but currently lives in Tennessee and apart from being a novelist is a red hot singer/songwriter and banjo player and is no slouch when it comes to the fiddle. She’s on tour in the UK for a month and we’ve managed to book her. This will be one that you won’t want to miss!

Tue 31st

May 2016

Kyle Carey

Kyle’s another American performer, but of a very different stamp to Mean Mary, describing her style as “Gaelic American”. Having won a scholarship to study Gaelic and traditional fiddle styles on Cape Breton, she then spent a couple of years on Skye improving her pronunciation of the language she already knew and her grasp of Gaelic music. This doesn’t mean that the American influence is lost either, so we end up with what is on these shores at least, an unusual combination. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear her perform!

Tue 28th

Jun 2016

Said The Maiden

This trio from darkest Hertfordshire are deservedly storming the clubs and festivals and have recently been awarded the Bristol Folk festival’s Isambard Folk Award. They sing traditional and contemporary English, Irish and American songs both a capella and accompanying themselves with instruments including guitar, mandoliin, fiddle, accordion, flute, clarinet and whistles.

“I like anything these girls do, they mean it! Their harmonies are extraordinarry!” Dave Swarbrick

“A great act.” Clannad

“I think it’s brilliant!” Mike Harding

Tue 6th

Sep 2016

The Black Feathers

The Black Feathers are an award-winning duo from Gloucestershire. The perfectly paired voices of Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler intertwine effortlessly to create a genre defying sound, combining elements of folk, roots, alt-country and americana.

Since they started in 2012, they’ve won the ‘5 Valleys Folk Award’  and the ‘Folkstock Arts Foundation’ award for best live performance.  They have toured in Germany, Holland and in the USA including a sell out show at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

“...gorgeous close harmonies – two voices paired to perfection”

“...their blend of English folk influences and Americana is a tasty concoction indeed”
R2 Magazine

Tue 4th

Oct 2016

Louise Jordan

Pouring honey into your ears and radiating charm, Louise Jordan fascinates and entertains, mixing hope with heartbreak through her acute observations of the everyday and extraordinary. Fuelled by an untamed spirit, Louise Jordan’s music is authentic and timeless, underpinned by an unassuming natural elegance that places simple honesty alongside bold imagination.

Self-accompanied on piano and guitar Louise Jordan is every ounce the quintessential independent artist. With four recordings, nine UK and two European tours under her belt Louise Jordan is just getting started.

‘A stirring, lilting grace’ The Telegraph

‘Absolutely, totally and completely brilliant’ Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

‘Haunting and unforgettable’ The Sunday Express

‘The fragility of perfection’ FolkWords

‘A masterclass in songwriting’ R2

‘Louise’s vocals are out of this world’ Maverick

‘Absolutely glorious’ FATEA

Tue 15th

Nov 2016

Jody Kruskal

Jody dropped into the club one day in 2015 looking for a floor spot. He lives in New York, but he had a quiet night in a UK tour and turned up singing vintage American songs and playing tunes on his anglo concertina so we booked a date in his 2016 tour. From witty and humorous ditties to songs that explore the depths of the human condition, his singing tells American stories that are hilarious, gritty and true… stories of train wrecks and wrecked marriages, death row convicts and lonesome lovers, heroes, losers, swaggering braggarts, lazy slackers and slapstick fools. Plan to join in on the chorus.

“Brilliant concertina player” - Vin Garbutt

“Amazing concertina player from America. Really swings. You’ve got to be a truly great Anglo concertina player to be able to get music like that out of the squeezebox. Great stuff” - Mike Harding

"Jody's storytelling abilities through his music are captivating. His musicianship wonderful and playing unsurpassed". - Perry Werner

Tue 29th

Nov 2016

Rachel Newton

Rachel Newton is not only a dab-hand at the harp, but brings haunting melody to traditional folk songs, seems equally at home singing in gaelic and is quite comfortable with more contemporary folk too.

Having been busy in recent times with collaborations with The Elizabethan Session, The Furrow Collective and touring and recording for the likes of Karine Polwart and Blue Rose Code, her latest release, Changeling, marked an opportunity for Rachel to place her solo work in the spotlight. Her interest in folk tales and songs comes from an early immersion in the Gaelic culture at school in Edinburgh and has been enhanced by working with many intelligent and thoughtful songwriters, playwrights and storytellers since her career in music began. Changeling is a vehicle for Rachel to combine this interest with her considerable instrumental, compositional and arrangement skills.

Tue 20th

Dec 2016

Ray Martin

Always popular at the club, Ray is a professional comedic singer/songwriter with a rare skill for weaving words around his ideas on a variety of subjects, often with hilarious results. Whether it's ruminations on his offsprings' partners, tales of being mugged in Mexico or the joys of the Common Market, don't miss a word of it!

Tue 10th

Jan 2017

Liz Simcock

Singer/songwriter Liz Simcock featured on the Playpen Album of New Acoustic Music alongside Eliza Carthy, Billy Bragg, Eddi Reader and Kathryn Williams. Since then she has trodden an independent path, gaining a growing reputation as a performer and songwriter. Liz counts Richard Thompson, Clive Gregson, Boo Hewerdine and Joni Mitchell amongst her main songwriting role models.

“The acoustic musicianship is outstanding, her lyrical skills offer not only moments of great personal reflection but also a wry, twinkle in the eye sense of humour whilst her voice is stunningly beautiful, enhanced by perfect phrasing and crystal clear diction.” Rock Society Magazine.

Tue 31st

Jan 2017

Kent Duchaine

If you like Delta blues, you’ll love Kent Duchaine. Kent’s been involved in the blues since his youth and has shared stages with such names as Muddy Waters, Howlin’Wolf and John Lee Hookerand did over 200 shows with Johnny Shines.

Sunday Times Colour Supplement 2001... ~ One of the best top five concerts nationwide (across ALL music genres)

The Orcadian Orkney Blues FestivalL 2004... ~ Not only is Kent know as a well known master of the blues…..his guitar playing is exceptional and his deep intriguing voice a great combination that really set the old style delta blues alight…..DuChaine really has lived the blues life which is clearly evident in his music..

Blues in Britain Magazine 2008 at The Guidhall, Lichfield ~ West Midlands blues fans enjoyed a master class when American guitarist and singer Kent DuChaine played at the city’s Guildhall venue.

Tue 21st

Feb 2017

Daria Kulesh & Jonny Dyer

We’ve seen Daria performing with her band Kara. We’ve seen Jonny performing with Vicki Swan, the nyckelharpa queen. Though both of those groupings continue, Jonny and  Daria have decided to branch out and do a few gigs as a duo to explore a different sound.  This is your chance to hear what happens when the two styles meet.

Tue 14th

Mar 2017

Lynne Herault & Pat Turner

This duo produce some fine harmonies for both traditional songs and their own often humourous and sometimes risqué numbers. Accompanying themselves on guitar, recorder, English concertina and a variety of whistles (including swanee, policeman's and referee's) and list a spoons workshop in their hall of fame. They’re always fun,though often your mother wouldn’t approve.

Tue 4th

Apr 2017

Debra Cowan

"She has a very attractive voice, clean and true, with just a little vibrato; . . . she can get inside a traditional American ballad with conviction, and tell the story convincingly. To these ears, this is the material that suits her best, and she soars with it." BBC Review

We first met Californian born, but Massachusetts based Debra at a house concert where her warmth shone through and her repertoire included some good traditional songs. We were hooked and so she's booked. Bracknell Folk Club is now in the diary for her 2016 UK tour.

Tue 25th

Apr 2017


Kadia is a band of three lads from Dorset: Chris Bailey on guitars & vocals, Lee Cuff on Cello & vocals and David Hoyland, a multi-instrumentalist. They perform a mixture of traditional folk music, Irish session tunes and original material along with a good line in chat to keep you entertained and you may even catch a hint of jazz or classical in the mix from time to time. Kadia are now beginning to build a following outside of Dorset and tomorrow, the world!

Kadia’s debut album, East of Alexandria has made it on to the Telegraph’s 2015 Folk Album of the Year list with tracks heard on various local BBC radio stations.

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