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Bracknell Folk at The Sun in Windlesham - 8:30 p.m. Every Tuesday

The list below gives only our guest nights, which always include floor spots as well for performers in the audience.

Every other Tuesday is a “Come all ye” to play, sing, join in or just  enjoy the music and the company.

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Tue 6th

Jun 2017


Folk duo na-mara, Rob Garcia and Paul McNamara have performed live across the UK and in France and Spain and appeared on the BBC  and numerous local radio stations.  They perform self-penned songs in traditional style on a range of contemporary and historical topics as well as traditional songs and tunes from across the British Isles, their own translations songs from the Breton, French and Quebecois traditions and a wide variety of tunes from Asturias, Galicia, Brittany and northern France.Folk World suggested that “…(y)ou may put na-mara on the list of enjoyable English duos, such as veteran Knightley and Beer or young Cadie and Bloomer", going on to describe Paul is "an ingenious songwriter in the traditional vein…”

Spiral Earth suggest na-mara " turn an austere sound into an elegant one with their voices displaying the required authority for such subjects" while Rock & Reel Magazine note that what na-mara do best is "tell stories to which you can't but listen…

Tue 21st

Jun 2017

The Berkshire Recorder Consort a floorspot

Not a guest night, not the full Monty, but a small subset of this group will drop in for an extended floor spot to bring some old songs and tunes and introduce us to some of their array of early instruments.

Tue 27th

Jun 2017


Suntrap are a 4 piece folk-inspired group with beautiful entrancing vocal harmonies on original and self-written material.

Suntrap's Sara Byers, Mary Wilson and John Sandall have been joined by Sue Graves after the departure of Paul Hoad in 2014.

Sue, known as the 'Surrey Nightingale' is a stunning addition to Suntrap's powerful vocal harmony sound.

Rich harmonies, dazzling folk fusionTime Out

“Beautiful slip-sliding harmoniesFroots

Tue 4th

Jul 2017

The Berkshire Recorder Consort a floorspot

Getting into the idea of folk music, but coming from an early music perspective, these folk were so enthusiastic about extending their range by adding more songs to their repertoire that we’ve invited them for a second extended floor spot, just for the fun of it.

Tue 26th

Sep 2017

Liz Simcock

Singer/songwriter Liz Simcock featured on the Playpen Album of New Acoustic Music alongside Eliza Carthy, Billy Bragg, Eddi Reader and Kathryn Williams. Since then she has trodden an independent path, gaining a growing reputation as a performer and songwriter. Liz counts Richard Thompson, Clive Gregson, Boo Hewerdine and Joni Mitchell amongst her main songwriting role models.

The acoustic musicianship is outstanding, her lyrical skills offer not only moments of great personal reflection but also a wry, twinkle in the eye sense of humour whilst her voice is stunningly beautiful, enhanced by perfect phrasing and crystal clear diction.Rock Society Magazine.

Tue 7th


Two Coats Colder

I first heard this quartet at Boars Bridge and made a note that this was a group we must book, then failed to until Mike mentioned them one night at the club. At last they’re booked and you won’t be sorry! They present a melodic and lay-back mix of original and traditional songs featuring guitars, bass, mandolin and Indian Harmonium.

Anna Bass's voice is really quite amazingMike Harding. R2 magazine 4 stars

"Two Coats Colder deliver the warmth of every story within their songs and performance"  (Sue Marchant’s Big NIGHT In BBC Radio)

Tue 28th

Nov 2017

Oka Vanga

Angela Meyer & William Cox are an award winning folk and roots duo who move effortlessly from playing their own music to well-known folk and roots songs.

In 2014 their debut album ‘Pilgrim’ was awarded best instrumental album by FATEA magazine. Shortly thereafter they released an EP ‘Tales of Eyam’ to critical acclaim, showcasing Angie’s songwriting and hidden singing voice.

As a duo their exquisite songs and instrumentals are second to none. Whether playing guitar, ukulele or mandolin , their relaxed banter and gift for story telling  makes their music set both interesting and memorable. Coupled with great musicianship, and virtuosic guitar playing, fans of both Folk and Roots music are sure to find something they will enjoy in their music.

Tue 30th

Jan 2018

The Rubber Wellies

The Rubber Wellies are a quintet (this week, but we'll see who turns up) who are to the folk scene what a smorgasbord is to a sausage on a stick. Based in the Basque Country, Ireland and UK they are a touring collective skippered by singer/songwriter and circus musician Harry Bird and multi-instrumentalist and composer Christophe Capewell. Drawing on narratives from curious everyday occurences, global politics and folk legends, the Rubber Wellies multi-lingual performances are a mix of musical story-telling and good-time sing-alongs that flip between poignant introspection and carefree raucousness.

One of my favourite bands EVER!” – The Mike Harding Folk Show

 “Songwriting genius… a masterclass in contemporary roots music” – Sean McGhee, R2 magazine

Try and listen to… the Rubber Wellies and be anything but happy, it’s impossible!” – BBC Radio Sheffield

Tue 17th

Apr 2018

Chris Ronald Trio

Now living in Vancouver, Canada, contemporary folk singer-songwriter Chris Ronald emigrated from his native England in 2002. Influenced by countless British and North American artists of the 60s onward, Ronald’s music has been described as “Canadian folk with British roots,” and The Province likened it to “the country and folk that came out of Laurel Canyon and the British Isles in the mid-seventies.”

This song master is a revelation” FATEA

Tue 29th

May 2018


Patchouli, a.k.a. Terra Guitarra are master guitarist Bruce Heckseland singer, songwriter and guitarist Julie Patchouli. We came across them at a house concert and thought you should have the chance to hear them too. Based in Mississippi & California, Patchouli / Terra Guitarra have performed over 4,000 shows, toured a million miles on the road supporting 20 CD releases, won songwriting awards, industry awards, performed on TV, film and are played on Radio programs around the world.

"An acoustic duo whose songs about harmony & healing inspire the human spirit" - B Sents, Chicago Tribune

“One of the top nuevo-flamenco groups in the world”  ZMR