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What’s On


Bracknell Folk at The Sun in Windlesham - 8:30 p.m. Every Tuesday

The list below gives only our guest nights, which always include floor spots as well for performers in the audience.

Every other Tuesday is a “Come all ye” to play, sing, join in or just  enjoy the music and the company.


Created by SG International

Tue 2nd

Sep 2014

Jim McLean

Jim McLean's passion and love for the music shines through every performance and audiences leave knowing they have witnessed something unique. Whether he's inspiring you with his own material, making your feet tap with Country Blues, moving you to song with Celtic and Traditional folk or re-inventing fellow artistes' material, Jim brings any club to life with pure entertainment and passion. He packed the club out on each visit and we’re pleased to be able to welcome him back to the club.


Tue 23rd

Sep 2014


Commonground are a folk band with the distinctive sound of harmony vocals accompanied by concertina, guitar and strings with material extending from traditional songs and tunes to contemporary material. David and Alison are old friends who have played as a duet at the club on numerous occasions, but this is our first chance to host the quartet. They are: - Alison Fenner: vocals, duet concertina, David Fenner: vocals, guitar, mandola, Fran Wade: vocals, violin, viola and Kevin Bown: vocals, cello.


Tue 14th

Oct 2014

Quality Street

Long time supporters of Bracknell Folk Club, Quality Street are a trio who perform their own, traditional and contemporary songs with delightful harmonies. John's guitar playing at the club has evoked comments from other guitarists such as "How can I follow that?" and "I'd like to chop his fingers off!". Since Sylv moved to the wild west, it’s a rare treat to catch all three together, so don’t miss the chance!


Tue 4th

Nov 2014

Kath Tait

Kath Tait is a singer/songwriter who takes her inspiration from the general chaos of modern life . . . and from her extensive employment and marital history (involving many husbands and dayjobs !). Her songs are sharply observed, laconic tales of everyday absurdity. Her stage act combines deadpan delivery with melodic guitar work and lyrics that are humorous, profound and outrageous. She has performed in New Zealand, Australia and Britain at Folk Music Festivals, Literature Festivals, Poetry Clubs and Acoustic Clubs and at last she’s performing for us.

Tue 25th

Nov 2014


Soirée bring to the club a magical combination of voices clear as bells in perfect harmony with their instruments. This is not their first visit to the club and we hope it won’t be their last. It’s not always folk, but it is always an experience to revel in.

Tue 16th

Dec 2014

Ray Martin

The ever-popular Ray Martin brings us songs of witty wordplay, occasionally near the bone, but always on the mark to get us in a chuckling good mood on our Christmas do. If you like having your funny bone tickled, this could well be the man to tickle it.

Tue 17th

Feb  2015

Nick Dow


After a few years out of the circuit restoring gypsy caravans, Nick Dow has returned - and what a return! He has collected a number of lesser-known (to me unknown) traditional songs which he performs with style and skill. He has been a guest once before at the club and I missed it, so I’ve had to content myself to listening to his cd’s. I’m looking forward to the real thing and so should you be.

Tue 10th

Mar 2015


Bearwood are Mandy Shora – vocals, flute, recorders, percussion, Steve Jackson – vocals, guitar, acoustic and electric bass and Colin Bailey – vocals, mandolin, bouzouki and guitar. They perform both traditional and contemporary songs with style and verve and shouldn’t be missed.


Tue 21st

Apr 2015

Tudor Lodge

Tudor Lodge are John Cee Stannard, who also performs solo and with his group Blue Horizon together with Lynne Whiteland, doyenne of the Boars Bridge Festival. They’ve produced 6 albums and gigged as far afield as Tokyo. This will be their debut at The Sun and once you’ve been at one of their performances, you’ll know why we booked them.

Tue 12th

May 2015

Steve Ashley


First recording in 1969 providing harmonies on Shirley and Dolly Collins album, “Anthems in Eden”, then in 1972 with Pete & Chris Coe’s album, “Open The Door And Let Us In”, Steve went on as half of Tinderbox and lead of group “Ragged Robin”, but has also produced numerous solo albums and is still out there on the festival and club circuit. He even performed at the Bracknell Folk festival back in the day. Now you can hear him at Bracknell Folk Club.

Tue 15th

Sep 2015

Winter Wilson

With six albums under their belts since they started performing together in 1994, Winter Wilson are known for beautiful songs, beautifully sung. Stunning harmonies, thought-provoking and often challenging lyrics, all held together with a weird, off-the-wall humour all of their own. 

Vin Garbutt: “Brilliant!”.

Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio: “Not just another duo – Winter Wilson really are something special.”